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TalentScoutsTV is a web-based business delivering educational videos to subscribers. Smart Bomb built the site from the ground up giving TalentScoutsTV all the functionality they wanted in a high performance package.

The site features free, paid and premium subscription levels along with registration, automated emails and log in/out functionality for members.

A full-featured online back-office area enables administrators to manage the site including their extensive catalogue of videos.
The site is fully responsive to provide a quality user experience on all modern mobile devices as well as desktops.

The automated billing system for processing subscription payments is integrated with DPS Payment Express. Smart Bomb also provisioned and configured Cloud Server hosting to handle the considerable performance requirements.

Techs used:
.Net MVC, SQL Server, Lightspeed ORM, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Less, HTML5, CSS, Flowplayer API, DPS payment gateway, SSL, IIS