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Smart Bomb is owned and operated by Danik Sygrove. Danik grew up in Tauranga and wrote his first computer program aged 11.  He probably could have done it sooner but he had to wait first for computers to be invented, and secondly for that technology to arrive in Tauranga in the 1980s.  Really, the miracle was that second part.

Then one day the internet came along and Danik saw a way to combine computer programming with an immediate medium that could be accessed by everyone.  He still gets a buzz from launching websites and putting businesses in touch with their customers over the internet.

Smart Bomb focusses on the technical and database-driven aspects of website development and also has contacts with the best designers, best email marketing services and best search engine optimisation analysts around.  We also know from experience the best web hosts, online credit card gateways for any budget, domain registrars and all those support services.

We can tailor a web solution to fit with your budget and your vision.